haji lane is a yellow brick road (and rabbit holes)

here's the stop sign.

Haji Lane Stories
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welcome to haji lane. everyone thinks they're somebody here. firdaus & shah forever, xoxo. tinkling shop bells ring and dead mannequins live (and they are a little like us, clothed and empty). come and smoke a little sheesha on a magic flying carpet. are you half-japanese? how exotic. your fedora shields your eyes (eyeliner). you are safe here, makeup and guitar. let's all pretend we don't know what you really are.

original fiction project by Christine, Jasmine and Stefanie; based on the quirky pretentious pretty hopeful whimsical crying needy loser musical jaded people of haji lane.

!♥ this is a personal project. feel free to join/watch, but posting is only open to theprerogative, riiche and stelf. updates are sporadic.

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